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The slim, elegant Stari Most (Old Bridge), which arches over the swirling Neretva River, provides this ancient town with its icon and name: Mostar meaning ‘keeper of the bridge’. The rebuilt bridge was reopened on 22 July 2004 with fine words of reconciliation and hope.

Flanking the bridge is the old cobbled Ottoman Quarter, a haven for the city’s artists and craftsmen, along with 16th-century mosques, old Turkish houses and endless cafés. On the western side restaurant terraces hug the steep rocky riverbanks jostling for perfect views of the Old Bridge and its river.

Some magnificent buildings, such as the Gymnasium and City Baths, remain from Austro-Hungarian times, giving an added grandeur. While many grand buildings were destroyed in the war, with only their shells remaining, others are gradually being brought back to life.


One-way journey: approx. 3 hours.

Price: On request.

Note: Old town of Mostar is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please make sure to have identity document with you (ID or passport).



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