Juan Vucetich was a Croatian-born Argentine anthropologist and police official who pioneered the use of fingerprinting. He created the first method of recording the fingerprints of individuals on file, associating these fingerprints to the anthropometric system of Alphonse Bertillon, who had created, in 1879, a system to identify individuals by anthropometric photographs and associated quantitative descriptions.

In 1892 Vucetich made the first positive identification of a criminal in a case where Francisca Rojas had killed her two children and then cut her throat, trying to put the blame on the outside attacker. A bloody print identified her as the killer — MORE


ACCOMMODATION TYPE: Studio apartment*.

FLOOR: 1st floor.

VIEW: Park view.



CHILDREN AND EXTRA BEDS: The maximum number of extra beds/children's cots permitted in a room is 1.


SERVICES AVAILABLE (Surcharge): Breakfast, Laundry, Ironing, Shuttle Service.


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Born: On July 20, 1858 at Hvar (as Ivan Vučetić) in the Dalmatian region of Croatia then part of the Habsburg Monarchy. In 1882, he immigrated to Argentina.


Died: January 25, 1925, Dolores, Argentina.


Descent: Croatian.


Citizenship: Argentinean.


In 1891 Vucetich became the director of the Center for Dactyloscopy in Buenos Aires.


In 1892, Vucetich set up the world's first fingerprint bureau. 


Legacy: In his honor, the La Plata police academy has been named Escuela de Policía "Juan Vucetich" (Juan Vucetich Police Academy), and an eponymous museum was also founded. The police Center for Forensics Examinations (Centar za kriminalistička vještačenja "Ivan Vučetić") in Zagreb, Croatia is also named after him. The Croatian city of Pula has a memorial marker to Vucetich, owing to his service there while in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Also, he has a bust in his birth town, in Hvar City on the island of Hvar.






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